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Easiest tennis league I've played in. The website and app make it easy to set up matches and find players in any part of the metro.


C. Bogen


Member Since 09/02/16

Great way to get out there and meet people who love the sport.

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I. Izaguirre


Member Since 02/07/18

2018 was my first year playing in the Kansas City singles league and I had a great time. All of the guys in the league were sociable but competitive. They played hard and played to win.

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J. Dauer


Member Since 10/20/17

Coming from Atlanta your service made it easy to get involved. Thanks to your listing of courts I see it's possible to play tennis for free in DC. I’ve met some wonderful people.

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T. Waters


Member Since 09/29/15

This league is great. Let's me play as much tennis as I want, whenever I want, in a competitive atmosphere.

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S. Reischel


Member Since 05/10/20

I've tried different tennis leagues through the years and TennisNewYork is by far the best fit for me. The players are all really nice, the scheduling allows for flexibility, and it's a lot of fun!

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D. Oldiges


Member Since 12/26/10

TennisNewYork exceeded my expectations! The level of competition is perfect - enough to make the matches interesting, while not being too intense. Everyone is friendly. Will miss it this winter :/

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N. Shetty


Member Since 03/22/19

It is fun to play tennis around your own schedule


S. Yee


Member Since 04/26/17

This is the league to join! You get a bunch of motivated players who want to play and have fun while being competitive. I would recommend this league over any others out there!

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G. Lambrechts


Member Since 07/15/13

TennisSanJose is the best flex league out there. I have tried other flex leagues and nothing compares to this one. Players are motivated to play, they are responsive and just want to go out and hit.

Img 20160702 190618093

G. Lambrechts


Member Since 07/15/13

Tennis League Network Programs

In most cites we run 2 different programs.

  • The less competitive Tennis Partner Program is connecting players in a less competitive format where they meet up either to just hit around or play a match. Learn More
  • The Tennis (Flex) League where players play matches towards where an eventual champion is crowned for each season. Learn More
  • In our largest locations we run Tennis Socials & Doubles Leagues.

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