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TennisOC made it so simple to get back on the courts with a strong mix of dedicated players all over Orange County. Fantastic league!!


A. Vootkur


Member Since 09/18/17

Great ways to enjoy tennis: leisure and competition! Join your local league today and organize your games!


M. Landi

Tennis League Network

Member Since 08/01/19

Just started the new season and it feels really good. I've got a match tomorrow as well. Looking forward to competitive, fun matches.

Benest b

G. Benest


Member Since 07/11/14

Overall I truly had a great time through out the season, the weather was ideal, and the people I met were the best part.

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L. Perez


Member Since 11/09/12

I moved to Boston and knew no one. I decided to join a tennis league and I have met some phenomenal people with great stories. Competition is great too!

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S. Shah


Member Since 07/09/18

I was having a hard time finding players and this Jacksonville league was a perfect solution to finding matches with quality players

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S. Lieb


Member Since 05/11/19

This league has changed my life. My only regret is not being able to play more than I do, but with two little kids and two jobs, averaging a little over one match per week is pretty respectable.

Tl headshot

T. Lewis


Member Since 05/08/17

So far couldn't be better; Heaven knows i am just trying to keep up... thanks for running this league.

Profile pic

J. Morris


Member Since 11/25/17

Every body is being so cool and friendly. it is my first tournament after more than 25 years. It feels good to play this new friends from all ages, background, and type of game.

Tennis picture

A. Campos


Member Since 04/14/20

5 years playing in Tennis Ladders and I found this group does a great job! This has been a wonderful group of women t play with. FYI: be sure to reach out to players to get your games scheduled.


B. Henry


Member Since 02/12/18

Tennis League Network Programs

In most cites we run 2 different programs.

  • The less competitive Tennis Partner Program is connecting players in a less competitive format where they meet up either to just hit around or play a match. Learn More
  • The Tennis (Flex) League where players play matches towards where an eventual champion is crowned for each season. Learn More
  • In our largest locations we run Tennis Socials & Doubles Leagues.

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