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Good hitting today! Here’s the league I was talking about.

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R. Iwanchuk


Member Since 11/05/20

Joining the league made me more proactive about scheduling matches, I got to see different parts of central Florida, and most importantly, I meant some really cool people that loved to play tennis!

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P. Vu


Member Since 04/03/21

Have been enjoying quite a bit the partner program, it is fun being a part of this program.

Elac   win 20141027 212640

J. Elac


Member Since 12/07/17

This league is fantastic. The rating system works excellently, the participants are friendly and reliable, and the sportsmanship is top-notch. All at a no-brainer price point. Thank you!


J. La Cour


Member Since 09/09/21

This is the league to join if you want to meet tons of friendly competitive players. I signed up and on the hour i was already getting calls to play.I ended up playing a match this evening.


R. Ornelas


Member Since 07/31/09

It was great experience with TennisDC playing for the first time. Thanks for providing opportunity to play with various players. I am thoroughly enjoying it and referring my other hitting buddies.

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C. Korukonda


Member Since 03/19/16

I can't say enough good things about TennisNewYork. It's run well and I've enjoyed the matches I've played, as well as the level of professionalism and candor of each player involved. Great program!

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P. Bakalli


Member Since 06/29/16

TennisNewYork is the best, most well organized league in the city. The website is quick to update match results and rankings, and their tier system of leagues results in consistently competition.


B. Meeder


Member Since 08/28/16

I've been playing in this league since 2021 and it has been a great experience so far. I love the large player base and the flexibility.

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R. Khan


Member Since 04/05/21

The tennis league is flexible with scheduling, and the players matched my level. Thank you!

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R. Khurana


Member Since 05/12/14

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