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This league is great to restart playing tennis with great opponents. I like the flexibility of scheduling too!


S. Sarkar


Member Since 03/22/17

I'm new to the league and I love it! I had been playing with one guy most Sunday mornings for a long time and now with the league I get to meet players and play against different styles of play.

Bh tennis profile

B. Hirschbein


Member Since 04/21/16

Coming from Atlanta your service made it easy to get involved. Thanks to your listing of courts I see it's possible to play tennis for free in DC. I’ve met some wonderful people.

Tennis  ic

T. Waters


Member Since 09/29/15

Played my first match today after just signing up last night AND at my home court! Opponent was very courteous and competitive. Definitely not only a great workout physically but also mentally!

Img 4140

L. Sin


Member Since 11/29/16

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of active players playing very skilled tennis in this league. I have started getting fitter and am honing my skills. I highly recommend this league!

Img 2869

M. Sharma


Member Since 04/18/19

Last year when I got back on the tennis court. TennisSanJose was a perfect way for me to connect with players to help me rekindle my passion for recreational tennis. Totally loving it and thanks.

2014 03 26

R. Rajasekaran


Member Since 04/04/16

Our first match was a fun, friendly way to get outside and get some exercise as well as play on courts we would not know existed.

Img 1546

K. Mitchell


Member Since 08/13/16

2018 was my first year playing in the Kansas City singles league and I had a great time. All of the guys in the league were sociable but competitive. They played hard and played to win.

Jimpattycrop  2 2

J. Dauer


Member Since 10/20/17

I've really enjoyed this League, the App and the Match Play. I'm looking forward to continuing with this league and trying to get others to join in this area.

Img 1597

F. Pettaway


Member Since 06/13/17

Great to get onto the courts with avid tennis players!

Fb netennis

L. Delacey


Member Since 04/15/10

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In most cites we run 2 different programs.

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  • In our largest locations we run Tennis Socials & Doubles Leagues.

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