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This league is perfect for anyone who wants to play more tennis -- particularly those with a flexible schedule and who are not part of a club. They do a great job matching up players with opponents.


C. Nicksic


Member Since 06/06/17

TennisNewYork is a great league. It's well run and provides access to consistent and local match play. I highly recommend it to all levels of tennis players.

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J. Stevenson


Member Since 03/04/21

Growing population of players with a variety of ways to play: tournaments, ladders, leagues, etc. Well-organized and cleanly run. What more could you ask for??

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A. Cooper


Member Since 06/07/11

This league is fantastic. The rating system works excellently, the participants are friendly and reliable, and the sportsmanship is top-notch. All at a no-brainer price point. Thank you!


J. La Cour


Member Since 09/09/21

Good hitting today! Here’s the league I was talking about.

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R. Iwanchuk


Member Since 11/05/20

The best way to find tennis matches in Baltimore. Good place to find friends and rivals for tennis matches and general practice. Really happy to be a part of the community.


S. Honegger


Member Since 05/17/21

Great League , Plenty of good players to play and well organized.

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J. Restin


Member Since 03/25/17

5 years playing in Tennis Ladders and I found this group does a great job! This has been a wonderful group of women t play with. FYI: be sure to reach out to players to get your games scheduled.


B. Henry


Member Since 02/12/18

I moved from the East Coast to California and was looking to play some tennis. The league was a great way to meet players with different playing styles and improve my game.

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M. Ramesh


Member Since 01/28/20

Very evenly matched game. Great experience playing my first match with Tennis OC. I love that this league is more structured.

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Y. Ohigashi


Member Since 11/28/18

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