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Every body is being so cool and friendly. it is my first tournament after more than 25 years. It feels good to play this new friends from all ages, background, and type of game.

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A. Campos


Member Since 04/14/20

This season was the best for me. Maybe it's because of the lock down but players were on top of it and it was great quality tennis. Once again, Tennis San Jose delivers another awesome season!

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G. Lambrechts


Member Since 07/15/13

The Tennis Miami league is excellent and I have played some good matches with nice players ! I recommend it to anyone who wants to play tennis...


J. Varadaraj


Member Since 11/09/20

I'm so happy and satisfied that I signed up. If you want to know more about your city, its people its culture & environment through sports then Portland Tennis is it!

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B. Train


Member Since 09/03/20

The best way to find tennis matches in Baltimore. Good place to find friends and rivals for tennis matches and general practice. Really happy to be a part of the community.


S. Honegger


Member Since 05/17/21

Very affordable way to play a sport I love competitively. Before finding this league, I rarely played due to lack of people I knew who played tennis. Now, I play regularly and meet some great people.


G. Shah


Member Since 04/07/19

Tennis St Louis is a great way to meet and play players on your level. It's fun and competitive. Have met some great people.

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J. McElroy


Member Since 04/17/14

I was having a hard time finding players and this Jacksonville league was a perfect solution to finding matches with quality players

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S. Lieb


Member Since 05/11/19

TennisNewYork is the best, most well organized league in the city. The website is quick to update match results and rankings, and their tier system of leagues results in consistently competition.


B. Meeder


Member Since 08/28/16

TennisDC consistently introduces me to other individuals both enthusiastic about scheduling matches and gracious on the court regardless of the outcome. Michael

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M. Grace


Member Since 05/17/12

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