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Very well organized site/app that let's you meet and play with players all around the area. Not too mention very affordable with great perks that come along with not only winning but playing often.

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A. Eicholtz


Member Since 08/24/18

Tennis St Louis is a great way to meet and play players on your level. It's fun and competitive. Have met some great people.

Win 20161212 16 38 51 pro

J. McElroy


Member Since 04/17/14

Should have joined sooner great experience!!!!!!

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A. Powelczak


Member Since 06/19/15

Played my first match today after just signing up last night AND at my home court! Opponent was very courteous and competitive. Definitely not only a great workout physically but also mentally!

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L. Sin


Member Since 11/29/16

I keep meeting great individuals through this league.


G. Joseph


Member Since 05/25/14

I am new to the game of tennis and have met wonderful people through this program. I am glad I found Jacksonvilletennis.com. If you are wondering if you should join, the answer is yes without delay.


D. Risha


Member Since 03/16/15

Just want you to know TennisNorthEast has made me love the sport even more. I appreciate all that you do!

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D. Berghane


Member Since 03/23/16

Best forum hands down to get lots of matches with a variety of tennis players!!!!!! If you are casual go with the partner program if you are competitive go with the singles division in your area.

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J. Hoffman


Member Since 06/13/13

I moved to Boston and knew no one. I decided to join a tennis league and I have met some phenomenal people with great stories. Competition is great too!

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S. Shah


Member Since 07/09/18

Awesome portal. Now I don't have to work hard to find players. Thanks for making my job easy.

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J. Chintala


Member Since 04/12/16

Tennis League Network Programs

In most cites we run 2 different programs.

  • The less competitive Tennis Partner Program is connecting players in a less competitive format where they meet up either to just hit around or play a match. Learn More
  • The Tennis (Flex) League where players play matches towards where an eventual champion is crowned for each season. Learn More
  • In our largest locations we run Tennis Socials & Doubles Leagues.

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