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This league is great. Let's me play as much tennis as I want, whenever I want, in a competitive atmosphere.

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S. Reischel


Member Since 05/10/20

This is a great way to play some competitive tennis without committing to a club membership. Great value for the money!


J. Casey


Member Since 03/19/15

I'm new to the league and I love it! I had been playing with one guy most Sunday mornings for a long time and now with the league I get to meet players and play against different styles of play.

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B. Hirschbein


Member Since 04/21/16

Great place to meet great people to play with and improve skills.


P. Torres


Member Since 11/01/14

This is by far the best tennis league I have ever played in. They get back to you so fast on questions. The admins do a great job! Very easy to schedule matches and put in the scores. Thanks


B. Hodges


Member Since 08/21/17

I just played two games but could realize all guys in the league division are in the same level :) So fun games are guaranteed!


J. Duarte


Member Since 01/12/20

Tennis Minneapolis is an inexpensive way to play many competitive matches during the warm weather months. The playoffs are exciting, and the online profiles allow you to easily track results.

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T. Chaffee


Member Since 04/14/14

I really liked the Pittsburgh tennis league. We can play with people with different playing styles which is difficult with a practice partner. All players are nice & respect match scheduling!!

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J. Singh


Member Since 06/20/17

I can't say enough good things about TennisNewYork. It's run well and I've enjoyed the matches I've played, as well as the level of professionalism and candor of each player involved. Great program!

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P. Bakalli


Member Since 06/29/16

Tennis League Network Programs

In most cites we run 2 different programs.

  • The less competitive Tennis Partner Program is connecting players in a less competitive format where they meet up either to just hit around or play a match. Learn More
  • The Tennis (Flex) League where players play matches towards where an eventual champion is crowned for each season. Learn More
  • In our largest locations we run Tennis Socials & Doubles Leagues.

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