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Last year when I got back on the tennis court. TennisSanJose was a perfect way for me to connect with players to help me rekindle my passion for recreational tennis. Totally loving it and thanks.

2014 03 26

R. Rajasekaran


Member Since 04/04/16

I love this league, everyone is so friendly...

Marco tennis

M. Caridad


Member Since 08/05/11

MilwaukeeTennisLeague has been an excellent experience. The flexibility of choosing when, where, & who I played was the best feature. The bonus was all the great people I was able to meet!

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J. Mehls


Member Since 04/18/17

It’s an easy way to meet people with the same interest as yourself. Whether you wanna play casually or competively, there are players available. It’s also a great way to stay in shape.

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O. Kromby


Member Since 09/15/17

I've played in the league for 2 years now, and it's always been good fun. A nice way to see new courts and parts of the city as well as meet new people.

Baron glanvill  photo

B. Glanvill


Member Since 06/09/17

I can't say enough good things about TennisNewYork. It's run well and I've enjoyed the matches I've played, as well as the level of professionalism and candor of each player involved. Great program!

Img 3163

P. Bakalli


Member Since 06/29/16

This is a wonderful way to find people who really want to play tennis. I'm meeting some great people and playing more tennis than ever!

Img 1521

C. Caetano


Member Since 06/25/17

Happy to be participating in my first tennis league!

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G. Nelson


Member Since 03/17/18

Great place to meet great people to play with and improve skills.


P. Torres


Member Since 11/01/14

Very competitive league. Opportunity to meet great people.


G. Joseph


Member Since 05/25/14

Tennis League Network Programs

In most cites we run 2 different programs.

  • The less competitive Tennis Partner Program is connecting players in a less competitive format where they meet up either to just hit around or play a match. Learn More
  • The Tennis (Flex) League where players play matches towards where an eventual champion is crowned for each season. Learn More
  • In our largest locations we run Tennis Socials & Doubles Leagues.

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