Kickoff Day

At the start of each season, players are sent a kickoff email that contains important information about the league, a link to your league's standings page, as well as player contact information. We guarantee 6 playing partners at your playing level, but have been averaging closer to 15+ partners in most locations.

Your Task - "Flexible Scheduling"

After this kickoff email is sent, it is the player's task to communicate with each other. Players should work with their partners to find an agreeable time and location to play the match. While Tennis League Network doesn't mandate your playing schedule, it is recommended that players schedule at least one match per week. By request of the players in 2008, we started to allow players to play 1 rematch per season.

Where to Play

Play at your local free tennis courts, tennis parks, condo courts or tennis clubs. The league strongly suggests that players jointly try to pick a tennis court location convenient to both. We provide an extensive list of tennis courts for each area, including details such as the number of courts, lighting, hitting walls, etc. We strive to keep this list up-to-date.

How To Play

Players can use three semi-standard playing formats: 2 out of 3 sets, 2 sets with 10 point super tie-breaker or the 10-game pro set (First to 10, used when court time is limited). Read Complete Rules


Each season concludes with a playoffs where players with anywhere from 3 to 5 season wins qualifies for a single elimination tourney. The champion is awarded based upon the [league prize pool]. Each singles league champion also receives a playing entry into the National Tourney which has been held at Crandon Park Tennis Center in Key Biscayne around early November.

Tennis League Network sets up a must play dates to push players out on the courts. The final deadline is the date marking the end of the season, at which point players with 5 wins will qualify for a post-season playoff to determine the league champion. This playoff will be a single elimination tourney. It ends when we have 1 player from each skill level left, who is then crowned champion of that season. The playoffs usually have the best players participating and the tennis is of a higher caliber. Playoff participants are rewarded by the Prize Pool. Just go to the Homepage and let us know you're interested and we hope to open a new community in your city in the near future.

Example Contact Schedule

First match must be reported by: 4/4/XX 3 matches reported by: 5/04/XX Playoffs start,
need 5 wins by: 5/11/XX

Schedule: Contact the 3 players numerically in succession of your player number (PX). For example, P1 should first contact P2, P3 and P4 to schedule matches. Meanwhile, P2 contacts P3, P4 and P5, etc. Weekly you should be trying to reach the next group of players to schedule a time and place to play. Always be working with your next 3 contacts. The league will not designate a home court as players should be choosing a location that works for both players. We now make it significantly easier for you to find a court in between both players: Tennis Courts page. If a player contacts you to play and it fits into your schedule go ahead and play that match.